The Minecraft server offers you the chance to test your survival and adaptation skills in an ultra-hostile environment and anarchy atmosphere. The server offers its members the opportunity to recapture their primal instincts in a game that is true to the unique Vanilla Hardcore Minecraft survival experience. So there are 0 plugins or mods that alter the basic gameplay experience that players are looking for. 


Would you kill the first person you meet or would they kill you? If you were to meet a player, would they be a potential ally or a choice prey? It's up to you to decide ! immerses the player in a Minecraft survival rocked by a hostile ultra hardcore environment. There are no rules on the anarchy server. You are free to make your own rules. 

WARNING: Cheating/Hacking is totally forbidden and will be punished with a week of ban.

Get your wild instincts back because there is no room for error here. The hardcore experience will do you no favors.

At your first mistake, your death will result in your exclusion from the server. It is however possible to play again by contributing on

When a player votes on, all players connected receive a random item as a thank you. After 10 votes you receive a golden apple!

The map of is pregenerated with a worldborder along the following dimensions:

  • Overworld: 20 000 x 20 000 blocs
  • Nether: 4000 x 4000 blocs
  • End: 4000 x 4000 blocks

The Minecraft server is in line with the #EULA rules established by Mojang AB. Indeed, random items when voting and/or purchasing in shop are given to all players.


In addition, a life purchased on the store represents early access to the server. Naturally, it is possible to join the server for free 1 week after your death for everyone.


Thus, there are no in game advantages and is not a pay2win server !

The meaning of an anarchic server is often simplified to have no rules, but this is not strictly accurate. Anarchy is a state of chaos resulting from a lack of authority. Therefore, the server is devoid of many typical rules and protections (claim plugin, tp, anti-grief, ban etc...) while remaining dedicated to the basic Minecraft Vanilla game without exploits or cheats.

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